In business today, compliance with health and safety regulations is of utmost concern to companies. Strict government legislation and guidelines mean that businesses must be extremely careful in this area. Accommodating health and safety regulations can be an expensive and time-consuming venture and often business owners will attempt to curb these expenses as much as possible. Usually, the main area where costs are cut, is in the training of the full staff compliment in the health and safety measure of the business. This may have dire consequences in the event of an incident which could have been prevented had the worker received proper training.

Health and safety training hold many benefits to a business even if no such lamentable incident ever occurs. Employees in across all industries, including offices, face workplace dangers that can threaten their health and safety, that is why it is important to provide training for all workers and to ensure that the training is updated on a regular basis. Extending far beyond onboarding a new worker to a workplace, health and safety training should cover every situation where the task or working conditions change.

Some of the benefits inherent in ongoing, updated health and safety training include:

  1. Reduces workplace accidents and injuries through employee awareness

Training ensures that all workers can help to reduce accidents and injuries by following protocols and safety measures. Proper training can be invaluable in making employees aware of the various hazards in the workplace and how to manage them. Quality training will educate employees on how to identify potential hazards, how to address them and how to avoid these from occurring.

  1. Enhance productivity in the workplace

Workers can work more productively in a safer working environment when they are well trained in health and safety protocols as they focus more on the task at hand and less on preventing personal injury. This leads to higher and increased quality output, thereby increasing productivity and profits for the business.

  1. Boost employee engagement

Employee engagement is linked to the employee’s job satisfaction. Health and Safety training has been shown to increase employee’s job satisfaction and morale, thus boosting employee engagement. Taking the time to ensure the workers are safe through training will yield a return in loyalty from engaged employees. It shows the workers that you value them as employees, a critical element in staff retention.

  1. Save money for the business

Proper health and safety training can help reduce workplace incidents, thus saving the company money by preventing costly disruptions in work schedules and lost productivity, hiring temporary or permanent replacement staff, and the time spent on accident investigations and claims management.

5) Employees will be more invested in the workplace safety culture

“Providing training to workers demonstrates the company’s commitment to their health and safety. Employees who feel empowered through training will more readily embrace safety culture because they are aware of the hazards present in the workplace and the effects that they can have on maintaining workplace safety.” [Read more: Creating a safety culture]

Comprehensive training in workplace health and safety increases worker’s awareness and knowledge in this area, but also increases their participation in safety culture. It is well known that promoting health and safety in the workplace leads to employees taking personal responsibility to ensure a safe working environment.